American-German Cross-Cultural Consulting
Articles by Patrick L. Schmidt and others
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Articles by Patrick Schmidt
Interview with Geert Hofstede
Interview with the “Godfather” of intercultural comparative research, done for the SIETAR Europa newsletter.

The Limits of my Language…
Article about the interplay of language, perception and thought. Appeared in the newspaper Vienna Review, December 2010 as well as the SIETAR Journal, December 2010.

An Intercultural Look at Obama’s Mind
A short essay on why Barack Obama is called “no drama Obama”. First published in the Vienna Review, May 2010 and then in the SIETAR Europa newsletter, June 2010.

Divided by Culture
Interview about British and American communication styles. Cover story for the magazine Business Spotlight, January, 2010.

Non-Conventional Truths about American-German Business
The two business cultures appear to be similar. But underneath the surface, there are many subtle and hidden differences.

The Psychology of Germans and Americans — A Historical Cultural Perspective
An overview of the historical events that have shaped the German and American mindsets.

Cultural divide — Germany
Intercultural advice for those wanting to do business in Germany.

U.S.-German Communication Styles
An analysis of how Americans and German communicate differently.

German don't smile at us
Intercultural experiences of American students during their three month stay in Cologne. First published in the SIETAR Europa newsletter in September, 2009.

Interkulturelle Souveränität
Lecture (in German) on intercultural competence given at Markel Stiftung of Bosch GmbH.

U.S. Lawsuits
Historical reasons why Americans go to court so often.

U.S. Vorliebe für Prozesse
In German.

New Germany 2003
How the forces of globalization are changing Germany (written in January 2003).

Intercultural competence
Description of the interculturally competent person.

Discovering the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
A reliable and valid measure of intercultural competence. Talk given at the SIETAR Congress in Granada, Spain, October, 2008.

German objectivity
German “objectivity” on the work place and its historical origins.

Old Europe-New World intercultural differences
How Europeans and Americans perceive each other.

American Openness… German Objectivity
Speech on American openness contrasting with German objectivity, given at the Goethe Institute in Chicago.

American openness and “superficiality”
Historical reasons why Americans appear “open and superficial” to foreigners.

Cultural divide — Great Britain
Intercultural advice for those planning to do business in the United Kingdom.

Cultural divide — France
Intercultural advice for those planning to do business in France.

Cultural divide — Canada
Intercultural advice for those planning to do business in Canada.

Discreet Horrors of the English Language
A humorous essay on the difficulties foreigners have when learning English.

A look at the German Language
A modern interpretation of Mark Twain's essay “The Awful German Language”.

“Trendy” German
An amusing article on how German is becoming more like “English”.

Law & Order in Swabia
A satirical interpretation of the Swabian “Kehrwoche” as seen by an American

The high cost of living in Malaysia
The expatriate life style in southeast Asia.

US-German Intercultural Quiz
Test your knowledge and skills with this intercultural quiz. Published in the 2007 Yearbook of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany.

The Invisible Mindsets of Americans, Germans and Austrian — How do they differ?
A speech on communication patterns given in Sofia, Bulgaria at the 2007 SIETAR conference.

The charming communication style of Austrians
A look at the historical and cultural factors that have shaped the Austrian way of communicating. Published in the “Vienna Review”, November 2007.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Intercultural
A short essay on the characteristics of the interculturally competent person. Published in the “Vienna Review”, May 2008.

Interview with Milton Bennett
Interview with one of the most innovative thinkers in the intercultural field, done for the SIETAR Europa Journal.

A Non-conventional Look at the German “Export Machine”
An analysis of the German mindset that perhaps explain their extraordinary export success.

Interview with Nancy Adler
Interview with the one of the most influential interculturalists of our day, done for the SIETAR Europa Journal.

“Mon Alsace”
A fading childhood dream of a Franco-German experience.

Interview with Fons Trompenaars
Interview with one the one of the leading management thinkers in our day, done for the SIETAR Europa Journal, June 2012.

Empathy and Wealth
How increasing wealth reduces our feelings for others. Published in the SIETAR Europa Journal, June 2012

Problem-solving in joint American-German teams
A summary of Sylvia Schroll-Machl’s famous study on how Americans and Germans interact when working together.

Some interesting facts about bilingualism
Recent research demonstrates that bilingualism affects the brain in many positive ways.

A review of Milton Bennett’s book “Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communications”
Why this book is a must read for all professional interculturalists.

“The Mindful International Manager”
A book review about an amazing guide on the international give-and-take.

Deconstructing the ‘Empathy Craze’
A summary of what empathy really means in the intercultural field, published in the SIETAR Europa Journal.

“Deconstructing the Empathy Craze”
Speech given at the SIETAR Europa Congress in Valencia, May 2015.

“Eine Auseinandersetzung mit der Empathie-Begeisterung”
Speech given in German at the SIETAR Deutschland Forum in Bonn, February 2016.

“Integration yes… but not in my backyard”
Speech on the neurobiological aspects of human nature. Given at the SIETAR Europa Congress in Leuven, May 2019.
SIETAR Europa Journal
You can view and read the many issues of the SIETAR Europa Journal that I have edited at this link.

Issue August 2015

Issue May 2015

Issue February 2015
Podcasts by Patrick Schmidt
Articles about U.S and Germany from other experts
Can U.S.-German cultures mix?
An interview of Patrick Schmidt (Trade Magazine, German-American Chamber of Commerce, June, 2001).

Können amerikanische und deutsche Wirtschaftskulturen mischen?
About Patrick Schmidt’s book “Die amerikanische und deutsche Wirtschaftskultur im Vergleich” (Trade Magazine, German-American Chamber of Commerce, June, 2001).

Why Americans admire the rich
Analysis of the unconscious desires of Americans (New York Times, January, 2003).

So nah und doch so fern
The trap of similarity in German-American relationships (VDF Aktuell, August 2001).

Low education ratings in Germany 2002
About German’s poor showing in education (International Herald Tribune, February 2003).

Proud to be German?
Two Germans write in the FAZ their feelings about being German.

British-American misunderstandings
Linguistic differences between Americans and British.

Americans work most hours
A United Nations report that shows Americans work the most hours (New York Times, September, 2001).

USA — The greatest show on earth
A humorous essay on the American character, written by H. L. Mencken in 1927.

Interview with Siemens CEO
Heinrich von Pierer talks to the Wall Street Journal (February, 2001).

German investor relations in the USA
Survey on how German companies are perceived by American investors (German American Chamber of Commerce, 2001).

Wie Deutsche verhandeln
Interview with one of America’s top German expert on the mindset of a German negotiator (Der Spiegel, February 2003).

Tips on doing business in Germany
Some interesting insights on doing business in Germany.

U.S. Congress role in trade policy
A German journalist analyses the important role that U.S. Congress plays in trade policy.

Cowboys gegen Krauts
An interesting article for Germans on how to behave when confronted with political questions from Americans. (from the Handelsblatt, in German)

Deutsche Unternehmen versinken im Mittelmass
A Business Week ranking shows that German firms don’t even make it in the top 20 European companies. (Der Spiegel, 23.07.2003)

Cultural Clash at Siemens with U.S. operations
Article from the Wall Street Journal about Siemens’ policies concerning its U.S. Operations.

A German Mood Swing
The despair and malaise of Germany in the year 2004 as experienced by a reporter of the New York Times (March, 2004).

WalMart’s fiasco in Germany
A fascinating intercultural study on how not to enter a foreign market. From the University of Bremen (March, 2003).

Verpatzte Invasion
Article about the many difficulties, including intercultural, WalMart has in Germany. (Der Spiegel, 01.11.2004).

German National Welfarism
An extremely, well written article on why Germany finds itself in economic stagnation. (Wall Street Journal, June, 2005)

Standort Deutschland attraktiv wie lange nicht. 2007
Article in German from Der Spiegel on how Germany has become attractive for U.S. investors again.

Americans fall back in love with Germany
According to a new poll, the image of “modern Germany” is positive again the in the USA (Der Spiegel, October, 2008).

Free to Lose
Paul Krugman analyses the different employment policies in the US and in Germany. (New York Times, November, 2009)

German and British manners
An article from BBC News on how Germans and British perceive proper manners.

Germany without angst? That worries me
The chief political editor of Die Zeit writes about the complacency among Germans. (New York Times, October 2014)
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